Small by design

Daniel Lindholm — Strategy

Jimmy Gustafsson — Design

Jimmy Shimizu — Technology

By staying small, we stay true, agile and sustainable and together with our friends we can solve any problem, with panache.

We are a strategist, a designer and a coder that have spent the better part of the last two decades working for organizations and companies making digital interfaces, products, infrastructures and services.

We share a relentless passion for creating valuable, simple and humane results through design and technology and have had the great pleasure of working with NGOs like The Red Cross and Amnesty, global retailers like Sneakers N Stuff and Babyshop, political parties like European Green Party and cultural institutions like Fotografiska, and many many more.

When relevant, we work with a tight network of select professionals within crafts like illustration, writing, animation and movie production.

Typical projects include


  • Digital Transformation
  • Decision facilitation
  • CRM & Loyalty Programs
  • Tech strategy
  • Feature Ideation
Our view on strategy


  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Design
  • Art Direction
  • Identity Design
Our view on design


  • Technical Architecture
  • Technical Discovery
  • Website Development
  • CRM Implementation
  • Proof of Concept
Our view on technology

Focused on

  • Fundraising
  • E-commerce
  • Lead Generation
  • Member Recruitment
  • Product Development

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